How to Make Yummy Mini Palmiers

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Mini Palmiers I first tasted them in Madrid, where no bakery is ever without a stack of palmiers (French for 'palm tree') in the window, and took to buying one on my way into uni there every morning. When I left - several palmier-sized inches wider - I started baking them myself. First thing on a Saturday morning. You can have Mini Palmiers using 4 ingredients and 14 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Mini Palmiers

  1. It's 1 packages of ready-to-roll shortcrust pastry.
  2. It's 1 cup of black olive tapenade (see my recipe 'Italian Scottish Oatcakes' which is attached to the cover photo if this recipe).
  3. Prepare 4 tbsp of store bought basil pesto sauce.
  4. It's 1/2 cup of finely grated Parmigiano Reggiano.

Remove the palmiers from the oven and leave to cool on the baking tray. Dust with more icing sugar before serving. Take a look at our sausage and sage palmier recipe. Combine the sugar and kosher salt.

Mini Palmiers step by step

  1. Take the pastry out of the fridge twenty minutes before you make these..
  2. Cut the pastry in half down the longer side.
  3. Put one half aside, then roll the other half out to 20 by 6 inch rectangle..
  4. Use a palette knife to spread the olive tapenade all over the pastry..
  5. Turn up the two long edges and tuck them under a little bit..
  6. Roll both sides into the middle..
  7. Cut in half to make two shorter sausage shaped rolls. Wrap both of them in plastic wrap (firmly enough to keep their shape) and slide them onto a baking sheet and refridgerate for thirty minutes to an hour..
  8. Do the same with the other half of the pastry, but spread it with the pesto, then sprinkle on the parmesan cheese all over before rolling, wrapping and refridgerating in the same way as the tapenade rolls..
  9. Preheat the oven to 200 C..
  10. Take two rolls out of the fridge, unwrap them and use a sharp serrated knife to cut them into 1cm/ half inch slices and place them, slightly spaced apart and bake for 15-20 minutes (you may wish to turn the tapenade palmiers over for the last 5 minutes).
  11. Take them out of the oven and allow them to cool for a minute or two before using a fish-slice to gently take them off the baking sheet and placing them on a serving dish..
  12. Do the same with the other two rolls..
  13. Makes approximately 80 mini palmiers..
  14. Serve warm or at room temperature. Store in an air-tight container (if they last that long!).

Palmiers are made with nothing more than a sheet of puff pastry and some sugar. If you've made yourself some homemade puff pastry, palmiers are an excellent way to show off your baking skills. Store-bought puff pastry works just as well, but be sure to buy one made entirely with butter. Since this cookie is so simple, using puff pastry made with shortening or other oils just won't taste as. Chill before baking to ensure the palmiers hold their shape.